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For almost 21 years, Panhandle Coatings & Painting Pros has been providing excellent service to its valued clients in the area. If the exterior of your house stands out for the wrong reason, or it needs to be painted to restore its beauty, we can do it for you. We can deliver impressive results for both exterior and interior painting services. We have residential painters who are trained in painting ornate woodwork and siding of homes. We can also remove paint that is no longer pleasing to the eye and replace it with a new one to make your home look brand new.

We take pride in the number of customers that we have serviced in the past years, knowing that we have provided them with premier service which explains why they hire us again and refer us to their loved ones and friends. We are knowledgeable in sanding carved wood décor items, and we carefully inspect the surface of the house prior to painting. Before we begin painting, we see to it that we plan everything and that the surface is prepared for painting. Without prepping the wall, the paint may not be absorbed well by the surface. We use only the highest grade of exterior paint to ensure customer satisfaction.

About US

Panhandle Coatings & Painting Pros will assist you with any painting jobs you require. Our service is reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. Painting can be a tedious and time-consuming task. We want to help you finish quickly so that you can enjoy the refreshed look of your home sooner.

Without the proper tools and products, interior and exterior painting can be a pain for a homeowner. Panhandle Coatings & Painting Pros will help you do the job right and fast. Why do you need to do it yourself when you can trust us to do it for you efficiently and at an affordable price? You don’t only save time and money, but you also see the difference between a wall that is painted by an inexperienced person versus one painted by an expert. Get our service now and thank us for the beautiful result later.

Committed to Quality

Quality is our top priority. We guarantee you that we will not run any streak on surfaces that are not supposed to be painted. We will sand the surface of the wood of a soffit because it usually gets damaged due to weather. We will inspect your wall and look for a water leak that may be causing the deterioration of your paint. We can also paint eaves-troughs with the special paint we have for this purpose.

If you see signs of the caulking surrounding your windows and doors have cracked allowing water and air enter your home, you may need to get the service of a reputable painting service in Pensacola. Water that leaks in your window and between your wall can cause black mold. We can replace your old caulking with high-standard exterior caulking to prevent water from entering your windows and doors.

    Employees on a latter skimming the ceiling for a painting job in Pensacola, FL.
    Picture of our employee on the second floor painting the shutters a dark rich brown color for a customer in Pensacola, FL
    Picture of our employee with respirator on while painting a deck on the back of a house white in Pensacola, FL

    We can replace your old nails with a slightly larger shank for better hold. We go the extra mile by repairing what needs to be corrected or painting them out to you, so you can decide what to do with them.

    We will also make sure your landscape is safe while we work in your property. Rest assured that you will not see any stain of paint in your walkway. We will work with you in making a plan so that you are aware of what we will do around your property. Give us a call now, and we will provide you with a comprehensive and affordable quote on our painting services. We also have blog posts that you can read to help you improve your home even more.

    Some homeowners rely on DIY online tutorials and TV ads to help them with painting. They think that if they have paint and brush, they can complete the job at ease. However, this is not the case every time. You may find yourself frustrated because you don’t see the same results you expect to see. We always recommend hiring professional painters because they can make things convenient and efficient for you. Panhandle Coatings & Painting Pros is experienced in all areas of residential and commercial painting which is why we can promise you excellent results once we’re done. We use the best quality tools and equipment as well as paint products to ensure you only get the best of your money. You can consult with our painting experts to help you decide the color scheme that fits your style and home style.

    For many years now, we have been painting homes and buildings in Pensacola, and our goal is to continue providing our premier service until we have painted all houses and buildings around. If you want to make your home or office look brand new, call us, and we will make it happen. We want to help you achieve your dream home or office with our best quality yet affordable painting service.

    Residential Painting Services

    If you want a new look for the exterior of your home or revive your home’s interior, painting is the best way to achieve it. We have more than enough credentials in painting services for bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. We can also paint your garage, pool area, as well as your fences to give your exterior a fresh look. We provide high importance to details because we know that this is the secret to a well-painted interior and exterior that will last for many years. We can paint your ceilings, walls, soffits, decks, and even do a little carpentry to improve the look of your home. Wherever you are in Pensacola, our team can reach you, and we will be happy to deliver excellent service to you. When you are ready to paint your home, contact us, and we will offer you our free quote.

    Picture of a newly painted bathroom for a custom home in Pensacola, FL.

    Interior Painting Services

    Picture of a custom bedroom with wainscoting on the ceiling, painted by our team in Pensacola, FL.
    Dining room painted with a white wainscoting and gold paint for a customer in Pensacola, FL.

    We are able to provide you with custom finishes as well as woodwork and cabinet finishes. We are highly knowledgeable in the use of brush, spray, roller, and trowel methods. We also use eco-friendly products and those that are EPA certified in removing lead paint. We carefully prepare before beginning the painting process, and our preparation includes:

    • Protect carpet, tile, and hardwood from paint drops by putting drop cloths, plastic or floor paper.
    • Move furniture to the center of the room and cover with plastic
    • Remove and reinstall switch plates and outlet covers
    • Remove and reinstall blinds and window shades
    • Use primer to seal stains
    • Fill holes from nails and cracks
    • Caulk cracks in door jambs and ceiling crowns
    • Sand, scuff, and clean wood before painting
    • Remove wallpaper if it is possible without damaging the wallboard
    • Repair anything that is mentioned in the estimate

    Exterior Painting Services

    If you want to improve the value of your home and protect it from elements that can eventually cause damage, exterior paint is the answer to it. We provide exterior painting and staining using spray or brush and roll. We believe that proper planning is the key to a lasting paint job that is why we follow the steps below to ensure great results:


    • Power Washing – Remove dirt, mildew and other materials that can prohibit paint from applying
    • Scraping –Remove loose paint and make the surface primeable with scraping knives
    • Repairs- Perform minor repairs before painting
    • Priming – Wood should be primed for it to accept new paint. We have high-quality primers to prepare the surface to ensure the paint will bond well. We also do this to cover stains on the surface
    • Caulking and Glazing – We use premium caulk for your window joints to reduce airflow in these areas. We also replace loose glaze surrounding your wooden windows
    • Painting – We never use cheap paint for any of our projects. We carefully select the paint and coatings we use to make sure the outcome is impressive. We will discuss with you your options so you will know the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular product.
    • Drywall Repair- Panhandle Coatings & Painting Pros
      is qualified and well-trained when it comes to replacing and repairing your drywall with paint, wallpaper, or specialty finish that you prefer. We can provide you with every drywall repair service you may require including, hanging new drywall panels, attaching, cutting, and applying a skim coating to your drywall.

    Commercial Painting

    We want to help you make your building look impressive at first glance. We can revive the look of your office with our expertise in industrial painting. We will show up on time because we value your schedule as well as your budget. You can expect us to work discreetly to avoid disrupting your business activity. We can provide you with the best quality painting for your storefront, restaurant, office interior, industrial complex, medical facilities, as well as government facilities. You don’t have to look for another commercial painting service in Pensacola because we are the best at what we do.

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